Bus Rally at the
Royal Forest Hotel Chingford.
3rd September 2011
RML 2589 on the 6B Which ran from Willesden to Chingford Mount from Jan 1964
to September 1968. The route was extended to the Royal Forest Hotel on Saturdays.
Routemasters RML 2589, RM 1063 and Country Bus RT 3254
Country Bus RT 2083 and Routemaster RML 2463
MBS 1426. These were used mainly on the Walthamstow Circular route W21
to replace older Merlin single deck buses also known as MBS which stood for Merlin Bus Standee as there were very few seats. It had a flat fare of 10p
RML 2323 in Country Livery
New in 1950, RT 1702 embarked on an extensive European tour that year.
After it returned, it was used in normal service at Mortlake garage. Then in 1951 RT 1702 was used at the Festival of Britain bus providing London tours and conveying passengers to the festival on the South Bank.
Rear View of RT 1702 with GB plate from from its European Tour in 1950 (See Above)
Also RML 2323 and on the right the rear of RML 2589
Rear of (from right to Left) RML 2589, RM1063, RT3254, RT 2083 and RML 2643
(From right to left) RML 2463, RT 2083, A Cyclist, RT 3254, RM 1063
RM 1063
Country Liveried RT 3254
Country Liveried RT 2083
RML 2463 Looking great now that has its transfers. Last seen here at the Walthamstow Pump House special event looking rather bare Click Here
RM 158 and the inquisitive youngster! With RT 1702 in the background
RM 158
RM 158 Engine
What was a surprise was the appearance of guest vehicle 212 XUH. A great example of a 1935 Wolsley Wasp 1140cc as a Police car. The owner (right) chatting to a visitor.
Short video of 3rd September 2011