A Selection of photos from the Special Event on Sunday 23rd May 2010
RML 2463 waiting in South Access Road to take passengers to the site of the factory where the first "General" buses were made. The site was behind the Royal Standard in Blackhorse Lane where the station car park is now.
RLH61 waiting with RML2463
The RLH (Regent Low Height) was designed for low bridge routes such as the 178 that passed under the Great Eastern Railway in Carpenters Road Stratford on route to Clapton Pond.
is RLH 61 in a very sorry state having spent 33 years in Canada from 1971 to 2004.
Shown here in 1998 at the home of Rob Garland the then owner in the small town of
Myrtle, Ontario Canada.
© Reproduced with kind permission of Bob Martin.

Below are some photos of RLH 61 (MXX261) in South Access Road having been lovingly restored.
The Canadian number plate still in situe from its 33 years in Ontario
Q231RMA is a replica of an 1829 Hancock infant Car.
Steaming nicely with passengers on a short round trip to Low Hall Farm and back.
Q231RMA arrives safely back.
Above is a selection of pictures to give an overall view of the events of the day at the Pump House.
RF433 (MXX410) These buses were nicknamed "Scooters" and were used on the 236 and 210 out of Leyton Garage. I think also on the 250 out of Loughton.
Routemaster RM642 (WLT642) flanked by
GreenLine RF213 (MLL600) on the Right and MB641 (AML641H) on the Left.
MB641 (AML641H) and a rather sad looking (by comparison) SMD91 (AML91H) used as a Video Bus.
RM642 (WLT642) and RF 213 (MLL600)
From left to Right MB 641, RM 642, RF213 and DMS132 (EGP132J)
RT1702 (KYY529) starten service in 1951 and ended its London Transport life in 1972 at Catford Garage.
It was bought by three employers of Catford Garage in July of that year and restored it to the
condition that you see it in today.
Three views of Class 308 No. 136. This was one of the first batch of these units and were built in 1961.
They units were built for use on commuter services on the Great Eastern Main Line (GEML) from London Liverpool Street to Shenfield, Witham, Colchester, Walton-on-the-Naze and Clacton.
District Line 'R' stock underground carriage.
LMS (London Midland and Scotish) Railway Brake Van and goods wagon.
RM479 (WSJ737) started life in 1960 in West London and after several overhauls and garage changes ended up at Bow in 1971. It then served several more garages before being sold to "The London Sightseeing Tour" operators. It was converted to a convertable open top bus in 1991. It was then purchased by Arriva in 1998. Finally they sold it to TimeBus but retained it's original registration number of VLT479 for use on their training vehicle. Hence it is now WSJ737.
Steam Traction Engine
VUP 442 Built in 1957 AEC Short Wheelbase Reliance Chassis nears the end of it's presevation. The bus was originally operated by Gardner Spennymoor.
An old 'Post Office' sign awating restoration at the back of the Pump House Yard.
Class 307 No. 123. Known originally as Class AM7
for use on Liverpool Street to Southend Service.
Photo reproduced by kind permission of
The Model Bus Gallery
Class 307 No. 123 Rear end of Motor coach with power line pick up (pantograph) over guards compartment.
Some more shots of RM479 and Platform
RT 1702 (KYY529)
RML2460 (JJD460D) Awaiting restoration
Scammell 3 wheeled British Railways lorry. So common at Terminal Stations all over Britain.