The start of an
Unusual Train Journey

I purchased these four photo's on 'eBay' because of their unusual topic.
They were taken from a guards van at the end of a faily lengthy goods train sometime in 1963 by the same man who took the
mystery photos. (Click here for mystery photos.)
The train set off from Temple Mills Marshalling yard heading for Hither Green.


Setting off from Temple Mills.
The gas holder in the distance is Lea Bridge Gas works.
(Click here for more photo's of Temple Mills.)
Swinging to the left to avoid the Temple Mills hump (just visible on the right), you get an idea of the length of the train.
The train is pulled by a class D84xx 800hp diesel of which only ten were built. (Click here for a close up of this type of loco.)
Having passed through Lea Bridge Station, under the Chingford to Liverpool Street line, through Coppermill Junction we arrive at the above location. Tottenham Junction.
The train swings to the left to South Totenham Station.
At the other end of South Tottenham station is Seven Sisters curve. You can see this on the right and leads to Seven Sisters Station. This journey however continues straight on via Harringay Stadium (as it was then) continuing on the Barking to Gospel Oak line to Gospel Oak, then joining the North London to Willesden Junction High Level. Here the train would have taken a left fork onto the West London Line, over the Thames to Clapham Junction and on to Hither Green.