Drama Clubs


Next Drama Club Reunion is on

Saturday 17th May 2014
From 7.30pm
The Royal Forest Hotel, Rangers Road, Chingford. E4 7QH

We have been able to secure the sole use of a room at the side of the Restaurant with easy access to the Bar. However, given that the re-union is on a Saturday evening and because we have not made any 'group' dining arrangements, we have had to pay for the hire of this facility. Over the next few weeks we will try to get a good view on how many will be attending and will then confirm the cost, along with any other details about the event, in a future newsletter. We expect this will be around £4 per person and that we will collect this 'on the night'

The Royal Forest Hotel is now part of the Chef & Brewer Group and has a brand new Premier Inn built onto the side of the original building. The telephone number is 0871 527 9386 if you want to book a room.

If you wish to book a meal beforehand then the Restaurant number is 0208 523 7246.

If you do make a booking then please mention that you are attending the Markhouse Drama Club/CMMF Re-Union. It will also be helpful if you let Dick know on


that you have done this, as we may be able to re-negotiate for a discount if a good number of former members avail themselves of this facility

So - here's to seeing as many former members as possible on the 17th May!

For photos of previous Markhouse & Marsh Street
Drama Club reunions
Click Here


There were two Drama Clubs based at Markhouse Road Secondary Modern School. There was the school's club, and Marsh Street Youth Drama Club which was good enough to be recognised by N.O.D.A. Which if my memory serves me correctly stands for National Operatic & Dramatic Association. In fact the two clubs were just extensions of each other and the Director & Producer of both was Mr. Cyril Malyon who sadly passed away on 15th October 2008.

The stage at Markhouse was tiny. At most it was 15 feet by 12, and I think that that's being generous. In the early days it was even smaller, but we obtained permission to extend it. We also used to receive grants from the council, with which we bought lighting equipment, curtains etc.

Thanks to Sandra King (nee Callaghan), I have reproduced some of her programmes that she has sent me from the Drama Days. Click the title to see them:-

I have also included some more photographs of "Pageant" that I have recently found.

Click on title to see programmes and/or photos:-

May 1959 "The Rose and the Ring" by W. M. Thackeray

April 1960 "The Silver Curlew" by Eleonor Farjeon

Aprl 1962 "The Town That Would Have A Pageant" by L. du Garde Peach

October 1962 "Murder in Motley" by Ingram D'abbes and Fenn Sherie

June 1964 "The Rose and the Ring" by W. M. Thackeray

December 1965 "Babes in the Wood" by Wilfred Miller

1973/4 Including "The Queen of Hearts" A selection of photos from Ian Goold


A spin off from Marsh Street Drama club was "Markovian Film Club". Under the guidence of Peter Kett, we made a few films on standard 8 and super 8 film. Mostly silent, but some had sound recorded after the editing on reel to reel tape and synchronised to the projector. Click on Markovian button to go to screen.

Peter Kett


Here is a selection of photographs (taken by the professional photographer) related to the drama clubs.


Place mouse pointer over head to identify



John Payne Margaret Whitehall ?? Jennifer Lepley Susan Riches ?? Irene Long
Early Rehearsal. ( The front extension { Sorry "APRON"} can clearly be seen here)


Scenery shifting. All made by the students.


Eileen Wallace (nee Knockles) John Payne Margaret Whitehall Joyce Simmons Jean Simmons
Music Rehearsal with Eileen Wallace (nee Knockles.)



Ray Aylott & Cleve Edmonston during a
tricky lighting change.



Make up girls in Room 5 (Chemistry Science Room)



Marsh Street Drama Club Rehearsing. The stage is now covered with hardboard.


Cyril Malyon Gillian Argent Robert Jackson Pamela Neville Hilary Malyon Margaret Whitehall ?? Carole Haggar Jill Cooper Richard Dunn Susan Riches Denis Heath Maxine Elliot Sandra Callaghan Valerie Poore David Morgan Peter Boulton John Cade Gordon Aylott Alec Malyon Ray Aylott

Yours Truly sitting at the organ in Room 2 behind the stage.



Markhouse School production of "Alice in Wonderland"
(I think this must be around 1963)


A write-up of Alice from the same paper.
Richard Dunn Peter Boulton Denis Heath John Payne Gillian Argent Gill Langridge Hillary Malyon Valerie Poore Norma Evans Sid Worth Cyril Malyon John Cade June Heath Carole Haggar Ray Aylott Alan Sandiford Alan Robson Jill Cooper Gordon Aylott ??
A cutting from the local paper dated
17th January 1969.



This selection of photos has just come to light courtesy of
Dave Morgan.

Believed to have been taken by Peter Kett.
Terry Hooker as "Fairy Nuff" in one of many pantomimes.
This must have been a rehearsal as he is missing his football boots!
Please notice the delicate fly-wire!
A Scene from "On Monday Next"
with a cameo appearance of Cyril Malyon
Another Scene from "On Monday Next"
A scene from "Baa Baa Blacksheep"



These photographs were taken by me at Markhouse School at a surprise party and presentation to Cyril Malyon on
Friday the 27th October 1977 to thank Cyril for all his efforts over nearly 20 years.











Cyril Malyon Gillian Argent RObert Jackson Pamela Neville Hilary Malyon Margaret Whitehall ?? Carol Hagger Jill Cooper Richard Dunn Susan Riches Denis Heath Maxine Elliot Sandra Callaghan Valerie Poore David Morgan Peter Boulton John Cade Gordon Aylott Alec Malyon Ray Aylott Robert Jackson John Oatham John Payne Raymond Aylott Cleve Edmonston Cleve Edmonston Raymond Aylott Susan Riches Anne Maddox ?? Judith Riches ?? ?? Norma Pepperell (nee Evans) Gania Robinson Jill Cooper Eric Griffiths Cyril Malyon David Morgan Leslie Smith ?? Mrs. M. Cyril Malyon Gordon Aylott ?? Cyril Malyon Mrs. M. Cyril Malyon Mrs. M. Keith Elliot Michael Everett ?? Jimmy Braid ?? Alec Malyon Jennifer Braid (nee Todd) ?? Andrew Malyon John  Payne ?? Peter Lee Mrs. Lee (Pete's Mum) Margaret Lee June Heath Denis Heath Bill Chapman Peter Boulton John Payne Mr. Martin (Leader of Marsh Street Youth Centre) Peter Kett John Oatham Cyril Malyon Hilary Oatham Hat on Fire Extinguisher! Barry Elliott Jane Haliday Anne Hayden Merrill Emms Jill Payne (nee Hayden) Bill Chapman Norma Pepperell Ian Hall ?? Robert Jackson ?? Marjorie Kett Peter Kett Norma Pepperell Terry Hooker David Morgan Peter Boulton Cyril  Malyon Sandra Callaghan ?? John Cade Gordon Aylott Alan Sandiford Irene Long Bob Jackson Peter Boulton ?? Ray Aylott Cyril Malyon Hilda Malyon (Affectionately known as "Mrs M") ?? Cyril Malyon Mrs. M. David Morgan Cyril Malyon Valerie Poore ?? Joan Malyon Les Smith (Headmaster of Markhouse) ??