Round the famous old Norfolk story of a little black imp with a secret name and a twirling tail, who spun twelve skeins of flax in half an hour to save the pretty head of the Queen of Norfolk, Eleanor Farjeon has woven a magical story peopled with memorable characters. Probably the most important person is young Poll: brown as a nut; bright as a button; sharp as a needle; inquisitive as a kitten. But very important too, are Nollekins, King Noll of Norfolk, the king with a double nature, and his sweet Queen Doll, who loves apple dumplings; and Mother Codling and her four strong sons; and quiet Charlee Loon, who lives on the beach and pipes tunes for the puffins to dance to; and the odd creatures of the witching wood, led by old Rackny, and the Little Black Imp himself. And always in the background, gliding gracefully along the wind or swooping to earth like a shooting-star, is the beautiful and mysterious Silver Curlew.