Visitors e-mails 2012


With only three contributers to the "Visitors e-mails" page this year,
I am putting out a request.

If you have any memories of Walthamstow, Leyton or Chingford.
please share them with my other visitors by emailing them to me.

Thanks for visiting the email pages.



From Steve Tillyer..........................................................................................4th November 2012


Hi Richard.
I came across your sight by pure accident the other day and being born and bread in Walthamstow,
I will be coming back to it from time to time.

I lived as a young boy in Higham Hill for a few years and my 1st job was as a milk boy for a local Hitchman's
milkman who's name was Fred, who lived just off Forest Road near Lloyd Park. I've attached a couple of pictures
taken in Lancaster Road near to the junction of Clarence Road and Mayfield Rd which I hope you find interesting.

I think the pictures were taken circa 1958 when I was about 9 years old.

to see photos

Kind regards

Steve Tillyer

From David Bonsall.......................Victoria...(North of Melbourne)...Australia......................12th February 2012

A great and informative site Richard.
As a graphic designer, photographer and sometime publisher, I know the exhaustive work that goes into producing it.
I have been checking out various sites as I research part of my families history in 'your part of the world'. We Bonsalls spent some time in the Walthamstow area from about 1868 until 1935, other parts of the family remained into the 1950s I believe. One thing they had in common was their church, (St Mary's) where they were baptised, married, and eventually laid to rest.

I have a fairly substantial record of the family and also have a collection of books and maps of the area from 1900 to the mid 30s. Without going into greater detail at this stage can I leave you with a mystery photo? The date would be around 1897 but what was the team?

Once again, thank you.

David Bonsall

Click HERE to see mystery football team.
If you can help David identify the team, please email me and I will pass on the information.
Thank you


Ken Henderson.............................Corby Northants....................30th January 2012



What a great site. My name is Ken Henderson born in Leyton 1938. Reading all the stories on this site brought back so many memories.

The flower lady on the corner of Markhouse Road. My Mum sold a pram to her and she sold her flowers for two shillings.

Stan the man in the bowler hat selling papers. I was told he was quite Jack the lad with the ladies.

Pie and Mash and jellied ells.

I was at Sybourn School untill 1950. Lived in Blyth Road all through the war period.

Must keep eye on this site.



Then 31st January 2012

The "Roma"cafe. I used to love their ice cream cornets sold at the front of the cafe.

Theydon street is where my best friend lived in 1948, think it was number 2. His name Joe Solomon. He had a sister called Pat.

My Wife would be the same age as your brother John, she went to Syborn Street School.

I well recall the allotments by Markmanor Avenue when I was six I went over the back with a gang of older boys and fell into an open sewer (The Dagenham Brook!) Tony Westley who was about 11 years old managed to pull me out only to end up in and out of Hospital for many months.
We took our accumulator to the oil shop in Lea Bridge Road. I think it cost sixpence to recharge.I also brought my first penny bubble gum Robertson's sweet shop in Boundary Road. I too remember those afternoon naps at school on the canvas beds.

One of my friends Dad was a bus conductor at Leyton garage, it was great when we got on his bus and had a free fare.

I now live in Corby Northants. It was a big steel town back when we moved in 1969.

Well Richard Thanks again all the very best

Ken Henderson