Visitors e-mails 2002



From John.........Essex........22nd July 2002


From the early days of your venture this site was heading for success, your
dedication, to your love of the area, the people, the landmarks and your
love of the rail network make this a sure fire winner.

Being part of Markhouse in more ways than one, actually living in the road
next to the sweet smell of Mr. Strutts shop, even helping to make the
candy, reminds me of the values of being their, keep going with the update's
and this will become a time capsule for the future.


From Paul.........Chingford........19th July 2002

I've just had a good look round your site and I must say I found it very interesting.
As you know I'm a local lad but it's refreshing to find out the origin and development of many of the landmarks that I have always taken for granted.

From George.......Hertfordshire.......15th July 2002

Just a shortened version of who I am and what I have done.
I was borne in Walthamstow on November 9th 1934 and I lived in Buxton Road. I moved to Albert Road before the
outbreak of the war. ( Memories of the war come at a later date. )

I was at Queens Road infants, then Gamuel Road Jnrs. Finally Markhouse Road until leaving in1949 aged 15.
It was about then that I became interested in cycle speedway. Starting as a member of the Edinburgh Tigers, then
on to the Walthamstow Wolves until joining the forces.
Two years later , after serving in the Royal Artillery I transferred to what is now known as the Paras.
At that time it was the Airborne Division.
After a few years I left, got married and moved to Hertfordshire with my wife.


When I was in the AIRBORNE, It was a "do anything", "accomplish everything" and "say nothing".....JOB.!

From George.......Hertfordshire.........6th July 2002

I remember the Doodle bug (BUZBOMB) that landed at the junction of the HIGHSTREET-- HOE STREET and CHURCHILL.

IT WAS ON A SATURDAY morning and destroyed Hitchman's Dairy, Stoffers fish shop, Burtons tailors and the snooker hall.
Sorry don't remember the date. Hope this is of some use.


From Barbara............Australia..........2nd July 2002

Hello Richard,
Been discovering wonderful memories of dear old Walthamstow on your website.
What a treasure trove!

My maiden name was Barbara Coveney and I lived in Boundary Road, Walthamstow. My parents were Alexandra (known as Queenie) and Will. I was 4 when we moved into Boundary Road with my maternal grandfather (William Chase) after my grandmother died. He owned Chase's Stores, selling groceries and greengrocery, and my mother then helped run the shop, living in the house behind and above the store. Four years later my mother and her sister, Sylvia, swapped over - we took my aunt's home almost opposite (which then became Boundary Road, Leyton E17) and my Aunt Sylvia took over the shop with Granddad. Sylvia's husband, my Uncle George had a car hire service and drove for many local weddings, including my own. He kept his Humber Super Snipe and Humber Pullman in the huge yard and stables behind the shop.

Was interested in your recollections - my mother was a piano teacher and taught many pupils who went on to play for the silent movies at the Savoy and other cinemas.

I attended Gamuel Road school and though I don't remember canvas beds, I do recall those naps and have an idea we just had little straw mats. There was one teacher, Mr. Pierce, who always scared me. He taught arithmetic and because I was frightened of him I found it hard to concentrate in his class. I must have refused to go to school because I was soon transferred to St. Saviours primary - a much happier move!

Other things you mentioned - the coalman. Was this Murfitt's? He used to come to us with his horse and cart and at the shop would shoot the coat down the coal hole out front of the shop straight in to the cellar. What a fright that used to give me if I happened to be in the cellar at the time! His daughter, Vivienne was in my class at Markhouse Road School and we became friends so I did get to know all her family.

I was at Markhouse Road school from approximately 1948 until mid year of 1951, when I turned fifteen. I also attended commercial college and started my first job in Clerkenwell as a junior secretary. The day I started work was the day I also met Ray, who later became my husband. In 1957 we left to live in Cape Town, S. Africa for two years or so, then a few months in Salisbury, S. Rhodesia, back to live in Edinburgh, Scotland for 5 years, Cheshire for a couple of years before coming to Australia
We were in England in 1989 and though we passed the dear old school we just could not stop in the heavy traffic. I was disappointed to learn it was later pulled down and also my favourite shop (Strutts) had gone too - oh that coconut ice..... At least did get to Manze's for a pie and mash and was relieved to see it hadn't changed at all.
We were also in England last year, but spent most of our time with relatives near Romford and in Leicester, and travelling around, but never did get to Walthamstow. Did manage to get on the London Eye, and renew our memories of dear old London.

If anyone remembers me would love to hear from them.

Barbara Warren (nee Coveney).

From George.......Hertfordshire............22nd June 2002

I was given your web site by a friend and found it very

Here are a few notes about myself.
I lived at 91 Albert Road and I went to MARKHOUSE ROAD School. I rode for WALTHAMSTOW WOLVES cycle speedway club.
I left school in 1949 eventually marrying a girl from HIGHAMS PARK. While at school I represented them in swimming galas at the baths in the High street.

If I where to give myself more time I could probably think a few more things I hope this is of value to you.

From Dave.......... 4th June 2002

Dear Richard,
Absolutely brilliant site. I can identify with most of your memories. Including Bean etc.
Thank you very much.