AEC Centenary at the
Royal Forest Hotel Chingford and
Pump House Museum Walthamstow
10th June 2012
At the Royal Forest Hotel waiting to depart
Left to Right: Gentleman in suit is Nick Thatcher a presenter from "London Tonight" interviewing a visitor. Routemaster RM 1699 (699DYE), 680GTM 1960 AEC Mercury 2 flat bed lorry and rear of RLH 61 (MXX261)
XSY643 1944 AEC 7700cc Military Vehicle 18 YZ 81 formerly R5469765
and RT 1702 (KYY529)
Green Line RT 3254 (LLU613)
RLH 61 (MXX261) (See bus rally 2011 for details of this bus's extraordinary life.)
MB 641 (AML641H)
LEft to Right: MB 641 RM 1699 and RLH 61
MB 641 (AML641H)
Left to Right: RF 503 (MXX480), RF 401 (MXX289) and RM 1699 (699DYE)
MB 90 (SMM90F)
RM 1699 (699DYE)
Green Line RT 3254 (LLU613)
RF 401 (MXX289)
RM 1933 (ALD933B)
XSY643 1944 AEC 7700cc Military Vehicle 18 YZ 81 arriving at the Pump House
RFW 14 (LUC389) in Markhouse Avenue
Routemaster RM 9 (VLT9) ion South Access Road outside Pump House Museum.
RLH 61 (MXX61) in Markhouse Avenue
Ex-RLH 44 Service Vehicle 581J (MXX44)
MB 90 (SMM90F)
680GTM AEC Mercury 2 arrives at the Pumphouse. London Tonight's Nick Thatcher watches his cameraman in action
RM 1699 (699DYE)
680GTM and RM 1699 await their turn to pull into the Pumphouse Museum
MB 90 enters the Pumphouse as 680GTM and RM1699 await their turn
RT 1702 (KYY529) arrives
First appearance of RT 2688 (LYR672)
RT 2688 (LYR672)
RLH 61 (MXX261) prepares to depart on a tour to the old AEC works in Blackhorse Lane
Green Line RT 3254 (LLU613) arrives at the Pumphouse
RF 503 (MXX480)
MS 641 (AML641H)
Routemaster Coach RMC 1507 (507CLT) awaits entry to the Pumphouse
RF 600 (NLE600)
RF 600
1939 AEC Mamouth Major 8 MkII BEW605 waits opposite the pumphouse ready to reverse in.
MS 641 (AML641H) is about to reverse into the Pumphouse
RMC 1507 (507 CLT) is about to reverse into the Pumphouse
AEC 1960 Mercury 2 (680GTM) and AEC Mamoth Major (BEW605) side by side
K 424 (XC8059) alongside RM 1933 (ALD933B)
AEC K type K 424 (XC8059) This type of bus was introduced in 1919 designed to replace the 'B' type bus. This example was given a new body in 1926 that has curved sides.
It was withdrawn in 1932.
K 424 (XC8059)
Rear of K424 (XC8059)
Left to Right: Rear of RT (LLU613), RM 5 (VLT5) and RF213 (MLL600)
RML 2412 (JJD412D), RT 1 (EYK396), STL 2377 (EGO426) and RM 5 (VLT5)
RML 2412 (JJD412D) and RT1 (EYK396)
RT 1 (EYK396) and STL 2377 (EGO426)
Ex-RLH 44. Service Vehicle 581J (MXX 244) was used as a uniform issuing vehicle
(See display below), RM 8 (VLT8), RML 2412 (JJD412D)
RF 401 (MXX289)
1944 AEC 7700cc Military Vehicle 18 YZ 81 (XSY643)
The fronts of RF 401 to the left and RFW 14 to the right.
RFW 14 (LUC 389)
Scammell Scaraba 3 wheeled lorry (VOX91)
Short video of events taken on 10th June 2012