Lea Bridge Gas Works


The Lea Bridge gasworks was built in 1853 by the South Essex Gaslight and Coke Co. They only supplied part of Leyton, and were later sold to the County & General Gas Consumers Co., established in 1856 and incorporated in 1857. In 1864 the company's operation in Leyton was statutorily restricted to the area north of Park Road, Coopers Lane, and James Lane. The company was bought out in 1868 and the Lea Bridge District Gaslight & Coke Co. formed. In 1878 this was reincorporated with statutory powers as the Lea Bridge District Gas Co. The rest of Leyton was supplied by the West Ham Gas Co., incorporated in 1856. This had laid pipes in Leytonstone by 1857. In 1871 the Park Road, Coopers Lane, James Lane line was agreed as the boundary between the two companies. The West Ham Gas Co. was absorbed by the Gas Light & Coke Co. in 1910. From 1910 to 1949 Leyton was supplied by this and the Lea Bridge company. In 1949, after the Gas Act, 1948, the assets of both companies were transferred to the North Thames gas board.

Extract from British History Online



View of Gasworks early 60s from Temple Mills Yard.
(© Peter Groom.)
Gas holder viewed from Marsh Lane Leyton. (2004)
Site of main entrance to gasworks in Lea Brige Road (2009)
Back entrance (bricked up) in Clementina Road Leyton (2009)