Markhouse and Marsh Street Drama Club Reunion

23rd April 2012 at the County Hotel Oak Hill Woodford Green


What a great evening was had by all.
Those present were:- (xxxx) Names when at school

David Morgan
Norma Pepperell
Phil Pepperell
Valerie (Poore)
Iris (Suffolk)
June Heath
Denis Heath
Peter Kett
Marjorie Kett
Cleve Edmonston
John Oatham
Bill Chapman
Richard Dunn
Dave Paulding
David King
Derek Steward
Peggy (Golding)
Suzanne (Barnes)
Jenny (Barnes)
Peter Boulton
Keith Sullivan
Margaret (Whitehall)
Maxine (Elliot)


Some photos taken at renunion on
23rd April 2012

Place pointer over head to identify

John  Oatham Keith Sulllivan Richard Dunn Bill Chapman Cleve Edmonston
Margaret Whitehall Richard Dunn Jenny Barnes Denis Heath Peter Boulton Peter Kett Iris Suffolk Valerie Poore Peggy Golding Suzanne Barnes Valerie Poore David King Norma Pepperell Cleve Edmonston Phil Pepperell Peter Kett Denis Heath Maxine Elliot David Morgan Bill Chapman June Heath David King Margaret Whitehall Richard Dunn Jenny Barnes Phil Pepperell Derek Steward